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I made it to day three, that’s an accomplishment all in itself, but it is also Christmas! I love Christmas mornings. My sisters and I lay around with big blankets covering us from head to toe and my parents are usually fiddleling around in the kitchen…..this year was a bit different. So know that I’m Christmas-movied-out and couldn’t be an merrier if I tried, I’m going to sleep all day. Sounds like a plan. If I think of something better to blog about later I will post, but for now my head is filled with the smell of cookies and the broken record of a Christmas melody.
Love, Laced


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seriously I don’t…..I ‘m not a religious nut
by any means either, I’m not even religious.
I just kind of nod and agree when people
ask me if I’m Christian but actually I don’t
know and don’t care much about religion at
all. Sorry if that put a damper on someone’s
day, but it’s the truth, I don’t care about
religion or where I’m going after I die
because it’s just that, I die. Anyway back to
the title, even with all that said….I should
kill your hopes in thinking I’m an innocent,
Christian, southern girl….I’m not. However,
I do believe using the word “xmas” is
somewhat disrespectful, CHRISTmas is
supposed to be about Christ or at least
acknowledging him. I understand many
people don’t look at God as a higher power,
many don’t believe in him, many just believe
in us humans and what we can do, but at
least have the courtesy to say, write, or type
the full name of the holiday. My grandpa
taught me that, I never have and never will
exclude Christ’s name from the holiday. Let
me say again, I’m NO religious nut, but I
guess I just believe in acknowledging what
the holiday is about, even if that means
exchanging an “x” for “Christ”.

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Day 2 Christmas Eve

I miss the years when Christmas was EVERYthing to me. When I was younger I would doodle little Christmas trees on my work at school, and kept an advent calendar religiously….the chocolates always ended up somehow missing weeks before the actual date. I remember watching movies like Elf, until I memorized every line, drinking Eggnog like it was going out of style, and going to stores with my mom only to add more to my

Christmas list

. But I guess it has become more of a job, rather than a holiday to enjoy, but nevertheless I do love when others are in the peppy Christmas spirit. I hope everyone’s Christmas Eve goes splendidly.
Love, Laced

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First, I must say I always rush into things, but I ned to let this grow at it’s own pace. Hi, whoever is reading this, I’m Sydney. I want to remain a mystery while blogging, wow what an oxymoron “remain a mystery while blogging”. I’m not even sure what this blog is for or how long it will last or if I will keep at it. Maybe I will just let it fall to the wayside, much like a lot of things I start but never finish. Maybe, though, something will be different and I will stick with it. Enough rambling…. I’m new to this whole “blogging” thing, I’m not even fully sure what the goal is here, nut either way I’m going to make a little goal for myself: Stick with my blog for at least a month.
There is no telling where it will go from there but hey, it’s progress. So let me tell you, the person reading this, whoever, where ever, you are, I guess I should reveal a tad bit more about myself ….no more, no less (remember I want to remain rather mysterious)
+ I’m of the age betweeen child and adult, although I am leaning more on the side of adult. Here is another thing, my age ends with teen. Good right?
Well, that’s it you mysterious eyes lurking at this screen, I’m revealing no more. Unless you come back of course than you are sure to know more about lacedupsydney.

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